Document Images interpreted as text tags

Product: PDFTron PDF Engine

Version: <package id=“PDFNet” version=“9.4.0”

We process pdf documents which contain logo header images. These images are triggering unwarranted text tag processing.

We have yet to determine what is causing them to be interpreted as text tags by the PDFTron PDF Engine. As these images are not actually text tags, this is causing thread locking / CPU resource spikes, which eventually drive latency across our application.

Has anyone seen similar and was there a resolution?

Attaching document with sample image.
logo_only_.AQBm1J7OrkEsdjEsSj9xwdU10.pdf (12.0 KB)

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Thank you for contacting us about this. Just to get a better understanding of your requirements, please provide us with the code you are using along with examples of the expected output compared to the actual output.

Thank you in advance for the additional information.

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