DOCX file unable to use form creation

I want to be able to text edit .docx file but also utilize form creation
i tried to enableOfficeEditing it works and i can text edit but i can use form creation, so i want to be able to text edit .docx file and also use form creation

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Hello Marwan

Unfortunately, we do not support this functionality at the moment. Office editing mode will not allow you to add annotations currently.

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Hey Darian thanks for answering my question, is there any way to render all files fomats (doc,docx,pptx) as pdf so i can see the annotation and also can add text edit feature to it ? because without enabling the office feature i couldn’t find a way to text edit in a .docx file

Hello Marwan,

You can use the loadAsPDF option under the WebViewer constructor.

  loadAsPDF: true;
}, document.getElementById('viewer'))

This is also available for loadDocument.

instance.UI.loadDocument(file, { loadAsPDF: true });

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