Does PDFNet have a plugin for Bates labeling?


Does PDFNet have a plugin for Bates labeling (also known as Bates stamping, Bates coding, or Bates numbering)?


We provide a general purpose class for stamping operations, which you can use for Bates stamping:

There are many other options if these don’t work for you. You might find it helpful to check out similar questions in the FAQ or search the PDFNet Forum:!forum/pdfnet-sdk

On each page, you can use Stamper.StampText() to add your label. You can iterate over each page (so that you can apply the specific page number to each page) as shown at:

FYI, PDFNet also provides a page labeling API, which customizes the names of each page as you scroll through the document in a PDF viewer (but doesn’t add a stamp onto the page itself). For sample code, see: