Does PDFNet SDK include all functionality of PDF2Image?

Q: I have some questions regarding to the function to convert PDF file
into image files.

1. Does PDFNet SDK include features of PDF2Image and PDF2Image SDK?

2. Does PDFNet SDK have a sample program to convert pages of PDF file
into image files?
A: PDFNet SDK includes all of the functionality present in PDF2Image
and much more ( Basically
you would use PDFDraw.Export(...) method as shown in PDFDraw sample

Basically PDF2Image SDK is a very simple to use commad-line based API
(there only 1 function) and is a simplified and feature reduced
version of PDFNet. Compared to PDFNet, it can simplify access to PDF
to Image functionlaity from programming environments which are not
directly supported (e.g. PHP, VB6, etc).