Does PDFNet SDK support display of bookmark and thumbnail view similar to Acrobat?

Does PDFNet SDK support display of bookmark and thumbnail view similar
to Acrobat?
PDFNet is a general purpose SDK. You can use PDFNet classes to
implement applications that look like Acrobat, but we are not trying
to lock-in SDK users into a pre-built viewing Control or a Widget.

Although pre-packaged functionality may seems great at first look, the
users sooner or later discover that the control can't do exactly what
they want. With PDFNet SDK you have full control over your application
functionality as well as the 'look and feel'.

For example, to implement bookmark view you can use standard .NET tree
control (or a custom one) and used PDFNet Bookmarks API (see to fill out the
tree. You can use the same API (
classpdftron_1_1PDF_1_1Bookmark.html) to interactively edit existing
PDF bookmarks, create new bookmarks, etc.

Similarly PDFView control can be also used to implement thumbnail page
view (similar to the one in Acrobat Reader). For example, MyPDFView
from PDFView sample (
MyPDFView.cs) implements the main PDF view, however nothing prevents
you from deriving a new class (e.g. MyThumbView) from PDFView that
implements different functionality.

We are planning to offer free sample code as part of PDFView sample
that illustrates how to implement some of the above features (most
likely as part of PDFNet v.4).


How can I add bookmark/outline view to PDFTron PDF viewer? We are
developing .NET application (C#).

Since this a recurring question we extended C# PDFView sample project
to include bookmark and pages/thumbnail view.

The sample is part of the latest PDFNet build which you can download
or directly:

The implementation is very short simple and is using standard .NET
tree and tab controls. With PDFNet you are also free to choose
different GUI controls that may better suit your application