Does PDFNet support converting a PDF file to SWF (Flash) ?

Q: PDFNet is a truly a One stop solution for all problems related to
exporting pdf documents..

Presently I am developing an Application where I have to export pdf
file to flash ...

Does pdfnet sdk package supports exporting of pdf file to swf
(flash) ???
A: At the moment PDFNet SDK ( does not have a
built-in method to convert PDF file to SWF, however the functionality
can be easily implemented using the existing API.

Perhaps the simplest approach would be to wrap PDF rasterized as JPEG
in swf files. To export PDF as JPEG you could use methods in PDFDraw
class (please take a look PDFDraw sample project -, and then append
the short swf header/footer.

Another approach used by some of our clients is to render different
PDF content at different resolutions (e.g. you may want to render text
layer using a high-res grayscale or monochrome image, and the rest of
content using low-rez JPEG). I believe that PDFNet Knowledge Base
(i.e. this forum) contains some relevant articles on this topic (for
example, search for "separate content").

Yet another approach is to convert from PDF to SWF element by element
(along the lines of ElementReaderAdv sample - In some
cases this can be effective, but for more complex PDF pages this
approach can result in large and slow Flash files.