Does PDFNet support PDF soft-masks, transparency, encryption?

Q: I'd like to ask about watermark support in your SDK -- we have, for
example, some image mask embedded into PDF (company logo, invisible
watermark etc) -- is your library able to read & show it correctly?
And last thing -- what about support for encrypted (read-only) PDFs?
Is there a support for this, too?
A: You can use PDFNet SDK ( to extract, render and
process any type of PDF documents (soft masks and PDF transparency
model are fully supported). If you are interested in rendering the PDF
as an image the best place to take a look at is PDFDraw sample project
( If you need to
extract embedded images you may want to take a look at ImageExtract
( or perhaps
ElementReaderAdv (

PDFNet supports all types of standard PDF encryption (RC4, AES).
Calling pdfdoc.InitSecurityHnadler() after opening a PDFDoc will
ensure that the file is properly decrypted. If a document is protected
using the 'open/user' password you can supply the password (i.e. when
pdfdoc.InitSecurityHandler() returns false) using