Does PDFNet support Rijndael SHA256 encryption?


We have files that use a Rijndael SHA256 encryption algorithm. Will PDFNet SDK work for us?


If your document can be opened by Acrobat, then out-of-the-box PDFNet can open it. If not, you could enable PDFNet to open the document using a custom security handler.

That’s because we support all standard PDF encryption algorithms, but can also support custom encryption schemes (as shown in the sample code at So if PDFNet’s built-in encryption is unsatisfactory for any reason, you can add support for another algorithm.

Regarding Rijndael SHA256 specifically — if you use PDFNet’s built-in 256 AES (i.e., Rijndael) encryption, it will compute SHA256 hashes of the password (as specified by, Algorithm 3.2a).