Does the chrome_100_percent.pak & chrome_200_percent.pak needed to compile the html2pdf_chromium.dll in HTML2PDF conversion?

Product: PDFNet Windows

Product Version: 9.4.2

We were using this HTML2PDF.dll for HTML to PDF conversion so far. Since this is an old version we thought of upgrading the PDFTron to use this new HTML2PDFWindows module for the HTML to PDF conversion.
Inside the HTML2PDFWindows Module package, some resource files are contained along with the html2pdf_chromium.dll. I am wondering whether all of these files are needed to compile the DLL or if are they needed in runtime.

Because we could see that when we remove some files chrome_100_percent.pak & chrome_200_percent.pak we could still convert the HTML to PDF but when we try to remove the resources.pak would fail. But we need to make sure removing chrome_100_percent.pak & chrome_200_percent.pak would not cause any other issues.
It would be better if we could have an idea regarding these files before upgrading to 9.4.2 package.

Hello, all the files within the HTML2PDF download are needed to for the module to function properly. Please do not remove the individual files, as this may cause unexpected results.

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Thank you for the information :+1: