Don't display 'Sign Here'

Is there a way of not having the digital signature ‘Sign Here’ label displayed?
Or under what conditions is it displayed?

I am trying to add a digital signature field and widget to a document using the SDK.

In the signing guides/samples there is a comment saying the widget appearance is optional but if I don’t add one and view the document in web viewer there is always a ‘Sign Here’ label. Other pdf viewers don’t put any labels on the widget/field.

I have tried to prevent it showing by adding some invisible text or a line with no stroke/fill but that is apparently not enough to satisfy it.

In a use case we are implementing there is already image content on the page under the widget so we don’t want to add an widget appearance that would alter or obscure the page content.

On further investigation, I came across a previous signing related post that provided a good work around.

Setting the position and size of the widget to 0 means the label doesn’t get displayed.

I’ll proceed with this approach as it provides a suitable way to get the signature details listed in pdf viewers without needing to replicate images.

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Hey James,

Glad to know that you are able to work it out! It is indeed a valid solution.