DotNet C# steps for 3DS to 3D PDF Conversion

PDF3D SDK PRO has a C# project for importing .3DS file and generating 3D PDF in real-time, from command line.

Now that you have installed and have license,please use CMAKE and Visual Studio 2005.

The following steps will lead you to this solution. Look into “interfaces” directory to get familiar with directory structures.

  1. Run CMAKE Coin3D_Interface, as outlined in manual

  2. Visual Studio PDF3DCoinInterface.sln project build in Release mode

  3. CMAKE VTK_Interface, as outlined in manual

  4. Visual Studio PDF3DVTKInterface.sln project build in Release mode

  5. Finally, after all the above is built, look in interfaces\DotNet_Interface Visual Studio PDF3DWrapper.sln build in Release mode (C#)

  6. Now you will have PDF3D-SDK\bin\release\ModelToPDF3D.exe which takes command-line 3DS files, output is PDF format.

    run> ModelToPDF3D.exe box.3ds box.pdf