Draping on Terrain Surfaces

For a related note, please see Using Terrain Mode

PDF3D ReportGen and PDF3D.IO development SDK can be used to convert a variety of geospatial formats to 2D or 3D PDF. Within this conversion, there is the the capability to drape vector shapes onto terrain surfaces.

To make the vector shapes to drape on terrain surfaces, you should edit the state file of the assembly.

In Assembly properties you should add the string “TerrainMode”:

   <InputFileName value="elevation_tile_grid.asc"/>
   <AssemblyProperties colorArrayIndex="0" colorArrayName="">
        <TerrainMode mode="Terrain"/>

This identifies the object which defines the elevation drape target.

For the assembly blocks concerning vector files, containing the objects that should drape on the terrain, change the value to

<TerrainMode mode="LiesOn"/>

For a working example, please look at windsor_layered_geospatial_3D.pdf3dsettings