Draw Text Within particular Recangle

Hello Everybody,

I want to draw text within particular rectangle area. Is it possible?

Thanks & Regards,
Supriya Das.

If you are not worried about word wrapping, then see the ElementBuilder sample code.

Otherwise, you can use the ContentReplacer class AddText function.

Hello Rayan,

Many Thanks for your Reply. Basically Want to develop searchable pdf. basically i have an image and i want to embed that image into a new pdf and also i have word rectangle for image so also want to embed text into the particular rectangle area. Can you help me how to possible that.

Thanks & Regards,
Supriya Das

It sounds like ContentReplacer would be the best thing for you. I would start by merging one of the examples in AddImageTest sample project, with one of the examples in ContentReplacerTest sample, and that should get you to what you want.