'DrawString()' Displays UpSide Down Graphics.


I'm using the GetDeviceTransform() in a matrix.
Well I'm having problems with the display of the drawstring() because
it's turning upside down.
If there's a simple way to this, can you post it here.

By the way here's the code:

string drawstr = "447.7159";
Matrix matrix = GetDeviceTransform(_cur_page);
e.Graphics.DrawString(drawstr, _font, Brushes.Magenta, _start_pt.Y,

Thanks in advance

The PDF user coordinate system starts in lower-left corner of the page/
screen, whereas in GDI+ it starts in the upper-left corner. Perhaps
you can take the scaling component from the device matrix and
translation component to create a new matrix for text drawing using GDI
+. Perhaps something like:

Matrix matrix = GetDeviceTransform();
matrix.Elements[3] = -matrix.Elements[3]; // cancel page flip
matrix.Elements[5] = page.GetPageHeight() - matrix.Elements[5]; //
change the location relative to top-left corner.