Dynamic PDF report generation from ASP.NET application.

Q: I need a simple way to control the printing of a proposal from an
ASP.NET application. There is a proposal that can be viewed on-screen
and I would like to print it with a template or similar that I can
control. Thought generating a pdf with the price data, etc. might be
the way to go. Which of your products would do this. All I really want
is a good quality print layout I can control.
A: There are couple of options that you may want to consider:

- You could design the layout/template in Xaml (e.g. using Expression
Blend) which you can then convert to PDF as shown in Xaml2Pdf:

The Xaml/PDF can also be generated completely dynamically (e.g. using
FlowDocument etc).

- You could start from HTML and generate PDF as shown in Html2Pdf:

In either case you could use PDFNet SDK with Convert Add-on.

If you actually need to print the document to an actual printer please
take a look at PDFPrint sample.