e_comment annotations no longer change size or rotate when viewing in PDFViewCtrl


We are seeing some strange behaviors when adding e_Text type annotations to PDFs, using the latest stable nightly build of PDFNetC:

When the PDF is zoomed in/zoomed out the size/appearence of the Sticky Note (Text) icons does not change. This seems to be different from the current official release.

Changing e_no_zoom flag doesn’t seem to have any effect.


PDFNet SDK now handles the no_zoom and no_rotate flags, same as other popular PDF SDK’s do.

Normally this is controlled by a per annotation flag, but Text (Sticky Note) annotations, according to the PDF standard, are always no_zoom and no_rotate.

So what you described is the desired/correct behaviour.

Note that on some platforms you can adjust the size of the no_zoom annotations using PDFViewCtrl SetDevicePixelDensity method.

Please note that if you are calling Annot.GetRect yourself, this will no longer be accurate while viewing.

Instead use


which will give you the current bounds of the annotation, taking into account no_zoom and no_rotate.