Edit PDF on Android / iOS using PDFNet SDK

Q: Hello, and first of all congrats for your great products, i'm eally
surprised about what you guys are doing! I've just download the
Android and iPhone SDKs and i've just played a bit with them.

The samples apps are mostly focused in the Viewer functionality, and
what mainly interest my company is the editing one. So, i was
wondering if you could provide me some clue about how i could be (if
it's possible) add some XMP Metadata information to an existing PDF.

A: I'm glad you are enjoying PDFNet for iOS and Android. Yes, the
SDK's can add, extract, and replace XMP metadata in existing PDF
documents. The following forum post outlines how to do this:


The same technique will work in Objective-C and Java on iOS and
Android respectively.

For more ObjectiveC code smippets please see: