Editable PDF have multiple Checkbox with same name of form field then how to Check individual Checkbox

Product: pdftron/pdfnet-node

Product Version: 9.2.0-1

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Editable PDF form have multiple Checkboxes as below
[] Male [] Female [] Indeterminate / Intersex / Unspecified
when we are accessing tis field in programatically we have only one Field i.e. "app.sex"
Then how to set the value to each checkbox like [] Indeterminate / Intersex / Unspecified.

*const field = await doc.getField("ap.sex");*
*    await field.setValueAsString("indeterminate / intersex / unspecified")*

Above code snippet does not worked .

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Above thread communication will not help in my case. If IT is helpful Can you please guide me ?

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