Editing EMF via a roundtrip through PDF


I would like to use the library to open up a large emf file (112252x128930 @ 4800 dpi) and save it again, however when I do that it always seems to open it as 612x792 and then the resulting file is saved at 1680x1050 @ 72dpi

I am using:

doc = new PDFDoc();

pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromEmf(doc, input_path + “0001001.emf”);

to load and the following code to save:

string filename = DateTime.Now.Ticks.GetHashCode().ToString() + “-0001001.emf”;


Is this something your software should be able to do or am I doing something wrong?


The method pdftron.PDF.Convert.FromEmf() creates a new page with dimensions 612x792 and the default dpi for pdf is 72. This is why you see these numbers after calling FromEmf.

If you like a different page size, please see this forum post: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/pdfnet-sdk/WM9ephLFxTQ/discussion

If you still have an issue with FromEmf, please provide more details of the issue (expected behavior) and if you can provide an emf file that demonstrates the issue. It is also helpful if you can modify one of our samples to demonstrate the issue.