element/format could not be converted properly from MS Word document to XOD for previewing

We’re using Convert.toXod() to convert docx to xod for viewing in WebViewer. I think that the MS Office to PDF add-on has been used inside of toXod(). I’m not sure whether there is better way to do or not. But we’re having all sort of problem that mis-transform format and position, eg. image/text box overlap on top of text, cross pages table all over the place, header&footer missing here and there.

Please see the attached sample file and advice. (Our server is running on AWS Linux instance and the we provided fonts in a template docx file which is suggested by PDFTron)

samples.docx (300 KB)

Thank you for the detailed report. We are investigating and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience while we work on our conversion of this document.

In the meantime, we just had a question about this file. The other files you sent in your other posts are “normal”, or “real”, files, that I would expect are very important to you.

On the other hand, this file appears to be a “synthetic” test file. Did you create this file? How do you decide what to put into the file? Do you have other ones?

Thank you for your patience while we improve the conversion for this document.

Attached is the output from the latest conversion.

We are still working on remaining issues with this file, so stay tuned for more.

sample_progress.pdf (183 KB)

Hello, I just wanted to provide you with the latest update showing progress. See the attached file.

samples_progress_2.pdf (188 KB)