Embedding TrueType collection fonts ( .ttc file )

Q: I'm wondering if it's possible to embed TrueType collection fonts
( .ttc) file. I hit an error which says :

Exception: Unable to open the file

I use PDFNet SDK v3.6. To reproduce this, simply open the sample
UnicodeWriteTestVC, go to UnicodeWriteTest.cpp, change the following

fnt = Font::CreateCIDTrueTypeFont(doc, (input_path +
"arialuni.ttf").c_str(), true, true);

to ( assume your fonts are installed on c:\windows\fonts, if you
see batang.ttc, simply use any ttc file you can find )

fnt = Font::CreateCIDTrueTypeFont(doc, "c:\\windows\\fonts\
\batang.ttc", true, true);

any suggestion ?
A: You would need to extract a specific TTF from a TTC (True-Type
Collection) prior to embedding.

Fortunately TTC to TTF conversion is very simple (for an example,
please see http://solaris.sunfish.suginami.tokyo.jp/tips/playground/truetype/ttc2ttf/ttc2ttf.cpp).