Enabling usage rights within Adobe Reader


We desire to utilize what is referred to as: "Enable usage rights
within Adobe Reader". Can PDFNet SDK be used to rights aenable PDF
documents so that Acrobat Reader user can annotate PDF, fill-out
forms, etc.

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, PDFNet SDK as well as any other
third-party PDF components on the market are not allowed to 'rights-
enable' Acrobat Reader. Doing so would amount to software 'cracking'.
The only possible workaround is to 'break free' from Adobe (and their
rights enabled Reader) and to develop your own PDF viewing component.

Using PDFNet SDK you could implement a .NET component (or an ActiveX
control) similar to Acrobat ActiveX component that will allow your
users to fill-out forms, add comments, markup, edit the document, and
even implement features that are not available in Acrobat product.


If a document enters as a rights enabled PDF, my presumption is that
we can retain those rights as we create new versions, annotate, and so
forth... both legally and mechanically, yes?

If you modify the 'Reader rights enabled' document, the documents
digital signature (which is part of 'rights' dictionary in document
catalog) will be invalidated. As a result, the PDF document will lose
its 'Reader rights'.