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WebViewer Version: 10.5.0

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I want to capture the error object to use status code and error message

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I am working on how my application will behave in case of possible errors and when I do my tests, inside the error object I can’t find the status or message properties.
Don’t these properties come inside this object? I can only see the detail property.
Is it necessary to make some extra configuration to obtain a more descriptive error object?
If this is already this way by default in the sdk, is it possible to add these properties? With whom should I escalate this requirement?
Thank you!

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Hello emiliano.pintos,

Thank you for raising this,

What type of errors are you trying to catch? Loading errors?
We have a callback onError you can pass into while loading a document which will throw if it errors:

If you can provide some specific examples I can assist further.

Thank you!

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Hi @tgordon , thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m trying to catch loading errors. I have a callback which triggers when this happens but the error object doesn’t have the information I need to show it to the user.
I want to show them the status code and a message to describe what was the type of error.
Do you know if these properties comes in the error object?
Thank you.

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Hello emiliano.pintos,

You can extract the error details through the event that is passed through, you can read more here: Ui-events | Apryse Documentation

Best regards,

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