Error message: MXDW not available

I am evaluating PDFNet. I compiled the PDCDCTest program for C++ on my workstation under Windows 7 and copied the PDFDCText.exe file to the target system which is running Windows XP (SP3) embedded, along with the file PDFNetC.dll. When I start PDFDCTest.exe from the command line, I see the following message:
Saved ./PDFDCTest.pdf
Message: Unable to initialize converter, MXDW not available.
Conditional expression: success
Filename : PDFDCEX.cpp
Function : trn::PDF::PDFDCEX::Begin
Linenumber : 26
The file PDFDCTest.pdf (I modified the output path to “.” before compiling) is nevertheless created, and is valid. I cannot debug on the target system, but my guess is that the exception is thrown in by call to pdfDcEx.Begin in line 142 of PDFDCTest.cpp.
My Inet search found that MXDW is “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. I followed the instructions to install this tool, and I installed .NET Framework 3.0, but all of it didn’t help. Nay ideas how to put the sample to work?

The main difference between ‘pdftron.PDF.PDFDC’ and
‘pdftron.PDF.PDFDCEx’ is that former is using traditional EMF/GDI
graphics pipeline, whereas the latter is using XPS. The XPS graphics
pipeline is preinstalled on Vista/Windows7 and above, however you can
also add XPS support on Windows XP by installing the XPS Essentials
Pack (
FamilyID=B8DCFFDD-E3A5-44CC-8021-7649FD37FFEE). To make sure that your
application runs on any machine you can also bundle MS Redistributable
components as part of your application installer.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I had downloaded and installed the XPS Essentials before I posted the original question, and it didn’t make a change. I posted the problem to the manufacturer of the embedded PC, maybe they can give me more information. Anyway, maybe I don’t need PDFDCEX. I’ll see during my evaluation.