Error with getFileData

WebViewer Version: 8

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in making a call to getFileData, I receive the following error:
Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘Worker’: # could not be cloned. Any ideas?

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This is my code snippet:

			const document = documentViewer?.getDocument();
			console.log('document is ', document);

			const xfdfString: any = annotManager?.exportAnnotations().then(async (xstring) => {
				const data = await document!.getFileData({
					// saves the document with annotations in it

Hi dcheli
Thanks for contacting us for support.
From the code, I see that it is not correct just directly passing the undefined xfdfString to the function getFileData. Instead of doing this could you please try:

  instance.Core.annotationManager.exportAnnotations().then(async (xfdfString) => {
    const data = await doc.getFileData({
      // saves the document with annotations in it

Thanks I see my error and I was looking at it tooo long and overlooked that :frowning: Sorry for posting such a rookie mistake.


Hi Dave
No problem!! It’s good that I can help you! Any question any time!