Event for file attachement opening - or opening attachements in webviewer


We have a lot of pdf with attachments (mostly pdfs also).
We’d like to be able to load these attachments in a webviewer instance but we did not find a way.

-Are there events we can use for this ? (ie : click event on a file attachment)
-Are there any plans to support the attachments natively in webviewer? (opening a new webviewer tab for example)


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to apryse forums,

If you would like to change the currently loaded document, you can just call loadDocument:

If you would like to use our multi-tab feature, please make sure you have at least WebViewer 8.4:

You can then use the fileData from the attachment to load the document with the above methods:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hello Kevin

I probably wasn’t specific enough. We already have a full fledged app embedding webviewer and using loadDocument and multi tab.

What we are looking for is a way to modify web viewer default behavior of opening attachments when clicking on them in the existing attachment panel.

At the moment, webviewer just opens the document in a new browser tab or launches a download. We would like to open these in an existing webviewer instance, by modifying / overloading the existing ui.

We didn’t find events or anything related in the documentation.


Hi there,

Thank you for your response,

We do not have those events natively but our UI is open source and available to customize following this guide here:

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Kevin Kim