Exceed canvas memory limit make pages document render as blank pages

WebViewer Version: 10.7.3

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Canvas memory use exceeds maximum limit and then document renders blank pages

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Hi I am having a problem with Safari and Chrome browsers on iOS 16 and earlier versions. The problem is that after accessing several documents I reach the memory limit for canvas, this causes my documents to load with blank sheets. Attached is a screenshot of the warnings that appear in console.
Is there any way to configure the canvas that are rendered in the webviewer so that they do not occupy so much space and thus not to exceed the limit of allowed space?
I understand that in iOS the canvases are saved in cache, but they are not cleaned once they have been used. Is there any way to generate this cleanup from the webviewer? Is this contemplated?
Thank you.


Hello Emiliano,

Thank you for contact WebViewer Forums.

If you want to clear cache, you can use the refreshAll() method. API documentation here: Apryse WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer

You can wrap this method inside a documentUnloaded() event which triggers when the current document is closed. API here: Apryse WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer

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Hi Luke,
Thank you for your answer, I’ll give it a try and let you know if this works.