Excel sheet display in flutter

Product: pdf tron flutter from https://pub.dev/

Product Version: pdftron_flutter 1.0.0-beta.21

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Gridlines are missing in XLSX file from display screen

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I’m trying to access the Excel sheet from a remote server in a flutter, it fetched and displayed successfully but the gridlines like the excel sheet are missing, how can I add gridlines while displaying XLSX file. any configuration I’m missing here, I’ve already gone through the documentation, but did not find anything related to gridlines.


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If you open the Excel file in Excel and choose to Print, or SaveAs PDF, are the cell borders present? If not, then you need to add borders to them in Excel.

If they are present in the print out, or PDF, from Excel, then we would need to the XSLX file to review further.

I tried to print the Excel file which I’m using, but gridlines were not present, but in print configuration, I can add gridlines, is there any way to add it in pdf Tron with any configuration while opening a file?

I’m using this file as Demo