Extracting content from PDF based on marked content & tags

Q: I have tried to understand ElementReaderAdv.java class, and but I
didn't get that how to extract all marked area in pdf.

Let me explain you my exact requirement:

Before doing extraction, I am marking all the required areas as a
figure in pdf using "TouchUp Reading Order" tool of pdf. After marking
all areas I am trying to extract all those areas at run time without
knowing the location of marked areas. I meant I have to find these
areas coordinates at run time then need to extract those areas.

Technical problem:

According to me I think its possible because when I have marked three
areas in pdf and then calculate the "Element.e_marked_content_begin"
data it was showing three more than of the previous one, this means
its reading these marked areas, but I don't know how to convert these
areas in image and export it.

Now tell me, is it possible? If yes, then please let me know with some
technical help.

Since I am new for that API, so please guide me how to do that?

A: ElementReaderAdv (http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/
samplecode.html#ElementReaderAdv) and LogicalStructure (http://

are probably the best place to look at.

Since you want to extract content based on marked content you would
need to look for marked content identifiers
(Element.e_marked_content_begin/end etc.) in the display list and use
them to identify start/end point for your copy operation.

For more info please see:

You may also want to check out ElementEdit sample

Which shows how you could selectively copy elements from one page to
another (or to the same page).