Faster PDF Rendering For Windows Phone 8.1

We are using PDFTron's PDFNet SDK for WindowsPhone8.1 for evalution in which we want to render single page and save it physically as an image(for future use), for that we use "Draw.Export" function which takes too much render time, we also tried "Draw.GetBitmapAsync" function for background rendering but situation is same for the pages contains high graphics, how to decrease time?

We tried to render same pdf in "PDFViewCtrl" but for the pages contains high graphics the app get crash, and bases on our requirements we need to build our custom pdf viewer so is there any better way for faster rendering?

Thanks in advance.

There are not many options for decreasing rendering time, except reducing dpi. Rendering time really depends on the content of the PDF in question.

If you have a crash, then please send the details (input file, code) to support at pdftron.