field value font and formatting as well as signature event

Hi All,

our company is considering aquiring a licence for one of our project on ipad
Before we can do this we have to solve a couple of problems

first the ios [field setValue:] doesnt works for special characters of an nsstring
the nsstring is supposed to be encoded in utf-8, do we have to chnage this encoding and how?

Then even if we change fonts, we always have a large space between letters in the field.How can we reduce the space between letters in fields?

Finallly, when the contrat is filled, we want to show to the document in PDFNet view

We would like to receive events from the PDFNet view when the user click the signture area, so we can propose him to sign.Is there a way to do so?

many thanks for any reply


The form filling problems are related to fonts and string encoding, and we
will fix both issues in an upcoming version of the library.

Yes, it is possible to detect when a user has tapped on a signature
annotation. All of the annotation behaviour is handled in the library
libTools.a, which is part of the sample project. Customers are provided
with the source code for libTools.a, and this allows you to modify the
behaviour related to annotation creation and editing. With the libTools.a
source code, you could easily determine when a signature has been tapped
(simply a matter of adding an extra "else if" in one source file), and then
take whatever action is needed, such as sending an event via a delegate or
presenting the user with a dialog. (Note that if you comment out the line [pdfViewCtrl
setTool:[[[PanTool alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:pdfViewCtrl] autorelease]]; in
the sample project, all annotation functionality is removed, form editing
no longer works, links don't work and the file libTools.a is no longer
needed. All of this functionality is implemented in libTools.a.)