File type not supported for PDFNet builtin conversion error for Office document on linux container

Product: PDFTron.NET.x64

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In a .net 6.0 application, when I try to convert a Microsoft Office Word document (.docx) into PDF in a linux docker container, I get the following error:

    Message: This file type is not supported for PDFNet builtin conversion!
    Conditional expression: false
    Version      : 9.2.3-4f674ee
    Platform     : Linux
    Architecture : AMD64
    Filename     : Office2PDFNative.cpp
    Function     : CreateConversion
    Linenumber   : 970

The code works using the same file on a Windows 11 machine.

The docker container is based on the image (Ubuntu 20.04)

Please advise on what may be the problem,

Thank you

What API are you using exactly?

If you are using PDF.Convert.ToPdf then the file path needs to end with the correct file extension (.docx in this case).

Or you can use the explicit Office to PDF API.