Font issue during PDF to SVG conversion using PDFNet


I downloaded your trial version of PDF to SVG and before I buy, I’d like to make sure it is going to work as I hope it will.

When I converted the attached PDFs, the SVG files lost integrity. Namely, the fonts are not appearing correctly. I believe this to be a limitation of the trial version, but I want to verify.


The generated SVGs do not contain embedded fonts so I assume that you used --nofonts option. Embedding fonts is important to keep the accuracy/consistency of the file conversion.

Having said this I tried to convert the file without --nofonts and got similar output in Chrome. Please keep in mind that current state of SVG support across browsers is still quite weak and inconsistent (and pdf to svg converter implement various browser specific hack to go around limitations). For more information, please see:

Although we could resolve the conversion issue, I just wanted to make sure that you are also aware of PDFNet WebViewer:

For online demo, please see:

To view your own files use:

PDFNet WebViewer is using HTML5 Canvas element to render PDF and can produce consistent output across different browsers and platforms (including mobile devices - e.g. iPad/iPhone, Android, etc).

The WebViewer HTML5 API also allows for complete viewer customization ( and extensions (e.g. with markup, forms, etc.).