Font showing garbled in pdf

Product: Pdftron sdk

Product Version: Version 9.1.0

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Font is showing garbled in the pdf exported from dwg.

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Used pdftron sdk to export dwg to pdf file containing japanese text in the dwg file. The exported pdf file does not show the text clearly, it is garbled.
The below image shows the dwg content and exported pdf content, the garbled text is highlighted.

Herewith sharing the code snippet:

				CADConvertOptions opts;
				PDFDoc pdfdoc;
				Convert::FromCAD(pdfdoc, testFiles[0].inputFile, &opts);
				pdfdoc.Save(testFiles[0].outputFile, SDF::SDFDoc::e_linearized, NULL);

Actually when i copy the gabled data from pdf and check translating it in i get the japanese data, so the data is o/p in pdf but not able to display. This could be a font issue ? The font is in shx in dwg, can we and how to embed the shx font in the pdf ? or Any other solution to fix the issue ? Could you please help.

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:
Herewith sharing the input dwg and output pdf
Error1.dwg (51.4 KB)
Error1.pdf (29.9 KB)

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Thank you for the detailed report. I am waiting to hear back from the team.

In the meantime, do you know what the source (application+OS) that generated the file?
Did you create this file?

Thank you for the reply,
I used Windows + Pdftron C++ sdk to generate the file. Yes i created the file.

Hi Ryan,
Any updates from team