FormFields getting invisible when zooming in

WebViewer Version: 10.9.0

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When zooming the first page of a PDF in, it can happen, that the FormFields of the second page aren’t rendered anymore.

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When zooming the first page of a pdf in, so that the width of the page is wider than the Viewer, the FormFields of the second page (and onwards) aren’t rendered anymore and also not interactable. Zooming while the second page is visible renders the Fields again and i can edit it.

  1. Load the attached example file into the WebViewer Online-Demo. There are two pages. Each one has a Textfield on the top

  2. Zoom in with “Ctrl + MouseWheel” to round about 300%. The Textfield on the first page shows normal:

    whereas the Textfield on the second page isn’t rendered at all:

  3. Change the Zoom slightly (in my case from 271% to 270%) and the Textfield is correctly rendered again:

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Find attached a simple formular. The behavior can be reproduced with WebViewer Onlinedemo.
TestFormular.pdf (7.3 KB)

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer forums and reporting this issue,

I was able to reproduce using the steps provided and have added this to the backlog for the product team to review.

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Kevin Kim