FreeHand Creation Delay not available for Android SDK

Product: Native Android / Java / Kotlin

Product Version:9.2.3

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(FreeHand Creation Delay not available for Android SDK)

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(When user uses freehand pen to annotate something and writes something on the pdf. If user wants to write “GOOD”, when ever user lifts the pen next annotation is considered as new comment. We have similar implementation our WEB portal where even though user lifts the pen and writes next letter within 1500ms it is considered as single comment. Basically WEB is using " freehand-creation-delay", please let me know how to get this feature on Android SDK)

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Hi @chinmay.kulkarni,

This can be achieved by setting the following APIs as true:

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Zach Serviss
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PDFTron Systems, Inc.

By setting setMultiStrokeMode(true); and setTimedModeEnabled(true) as true, we are not getting callback to “onAnnotationsAdded()”. Actually what we need is : If user stops annotate for 1500milliseconds, then annotates. It should be considered as second comment. WEB has implemented this using “FreeHand Creation Delay”