FreeText annotation loses font family

Product: Apryse SDK PHP

Product Version: 10.9.0

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In our project, we have a webviewer running in which the user can add all types of annotations. When ready, they will save. This save request calls our PHP code in which we have a custom saving procedure. We’re saving FreeText annotations (along with these other types) like this (shortened for readability):

$textRect contains the bbox of the annot, $font holds the font-family, $text is the content of the annot.

function saveFreeTextAnnotations(PDFDoc $document, Rect $textRect, string $font, string $text){
 $sdfDoc = $document->GetSDFDoc();
 $page = $document->GetPage(1);
 $freeText = FreeText::CreateAnnot($sdfDoc, $textRect);

Finally, after everything is saved, the PDF is saved with

$document->Save(".../test.PDF", SDFDoc::e_remove_unused);

When we download this file, all annotations are included, but the text annotations all lose their font-family and are displayed in (what I’m guessing is) a default fallback font. (Using Google Chrome to view the PDF)

Possible values for $font are: “Times New Roman”, “Helvetica”, “Arial”, “Cambria”, “Courier”, “Georgia”, “Roboto”, “Verdana”.

Shouldn’t my desktop fill in the fonts? or do I have to embed the fonts somehow? In case it’s the latter, how do I embed them so the text annotations can find them? I’ve tried Font::CreateTrueTypeFont but I’ve only gotten it to work with the ElementWriter.

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Hi there,

Please see our forum post here on embedding missing fonts into the PDF:

If you are using element writer, you can follow this forum post:

If the above does not work for you, could you please share the input & output file with the exact reproduction steps and code snippets used.

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Kevin Kim