FreeText Padding customize


I am working on Android PDFNet lib. When we insert a FreeText annot into pdf doc and on tap It creates Rect Box with padding. How to reduce the padding of FreeText Rect box on tap. But If text annotation added from different lib and when we tap on annotation Rect Box wraps the text. I need to implement the same. Please help me to solve this feature.

It sounds like you want to create a custom appearance for the text field (with your own padding, word wrapping, and so on). The following article describes how to create a custom appearance for annotations (which would be similar for text fields):

Hi Aaron,

For Text creation I am using How to get Padding between Rect and FreeText annotation.

I am creating custom TextView on top FreeText annot. The issue i am facing is to give padding to client side exactly like FreeText Annotation.

Thank you for the clarification. “Padding” in a free text annotation is specified by the width of the annotation’s border style. The following describes how to view/change the border width for a link annotation, but should apply to a text annotation as well: