Frustrating to scroll document on touch based browsers

Product: WebViewer

Product Version: 8.4.1

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Frustrating to scroll document on touch based browsers

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I’m looking for some help in understanding how to improve the scrolling experience for my users on touch based browsers. I have tried mobile safari on iOS, Chrome / Edge on a Microsoft Surface laptop with a touch screen, and on a Chromebook. When one touches the screen to begin to scroll it is trying to select text and not scroll. We have the vast majority of tools turned off. If the user touches the screen and moves their finger its far more likely they are just trying to scroll. How can I prioritize scrolling over selection?

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Any document

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Thank you for contacting WebViewer Support.

Using the pan tool for scrolling is much better. You could set the default tool after documentLoaded to the pan tool like so:

    const { documentViewer, annotationManager } = instance.Core;

    documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', () => {

Since this will only work once(when the document loads), you could add other event listeners to switch back to the pan tool as you see fit.

Another thing you could do is setting annotations’ readonly property, or enabling and disabling read-only mode on annotationManager. You can also disable text selection.

You can combine these apis, ex, disabling text selection and annotation selection while the pan tool is active.

Please let me know how this works for you, and if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Jason Hu
Web Development Support Engineer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.