Fully embedding fonts with pdftron.PDF.Optimizer

Q: We have been attempting to fully embed fonts in an existing PDF by using the pdftron.PDF.Optimizer. However, the output PDF still appears to only have the fonts partially embedded. Are there any known issues with this functionality, or are we not using it properly?

Here is some sample code:

Optimizer.OptimizerSettings optimizerSettings = new Optimizer.OptimizerSettings();

Optimizer.TextSettings textSettings = new Optimizer.TextSettings();




Optimizer.Optimize(pdf, optimizerSettings);


  • The Optimizer currently doesn’t allow full font embedding. All new fonts are subsetted.

  • The Subset option applies only to existing embedded fonts. For example, if a PDF contains a huge font you can reduce it in file size with the subset option.

  • EmbedFonts(true) can be used to embed missing fonts, however, as stated above, these fonts would be subsetted.

Technically we can easily tweak the behavior or expose new options, however we would need to better understand your requirements.