Generated bmp has incorrect/corrupted output


I would like to explain a bit about my program. First, the user creates a PDF file. After this, from PDF file it is converted to Bitmap and shows on the screen. Before convert to Bitmap file I have checked the PDF file, it looks good as the file that I sent you. I think that the problem is not in converting to PDF file, but is in converting on Bitmap file? How do you think about this?

I have checked the your sample PDFDrawTest, it works good, but it works only with the static single PDF file. But in our program, each time the user creates the new PDF and have many changes in this, eg. Add words, delete words, etc. That means the PDF always dynamically changes.

For the PDF2Image, I have tested. It works on window console, but when I integrate in my program, it doesn’t work. Additionally, it shows in background your logo, it seems to look not well.

Could you give me more something in advices?

You are modifying the PDF file in other threads, during the call to PDFDoc.GetBitmap. You need to use the PDFDoc.Lock(), PDFDoc.TryLock() and PDFDoc.Unklock() to prevent read/write conflicts.
See the following posts for more info!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/lock/pdfnet-sdk/gtFRkVSUggQ/veKD1pihS38J!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/lock/pdfnet-sdk/uWAeI35r0fI/yKnCnzOguxUJ!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/lock