Get annotation creator name

I looked at the Annots object. I know I can use it to get the create date. I cannot see the property for creator name. How can I get the annotation creator name.
Thanks in advance.

PDF spec does not define ‘annotation creator’ as a standard property.

Most PDF annotators store ‘annotation creator’ under “T” entry in markup-dictionaries.

So you have Markup annotation (
you can call marup.SetTitle(“User name”) and markup.GetTitile() to set/get info you are looking for.

Alternatively you can set the extra info as custom key/value pairs via SDF API. For example

annot.GetSDFObj().PutText(“MyCustomKey”, “My user name”);

Obj val = annot.GetSDFObj().FindObj(MyCustomKey");
if (val != null) {
string val = val.GetAsPDFText();


for more sample code please see SDFTest sample.