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a. When I delete a signature annotation, I would like to get the underlying signature field to which the annotation was added.

b. After flattening a signature annotation (signature can be text entered or image uploaded), attaching a digital certificate to it, how do i delete the annotation from the page ?

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On document load, I programmatically create a signature field with a signature widget annotation. I have customised the createSignHereElement.

When the user clicks on sign here element, it either types the name or uploads an image.

a. After the signature is placed, user decides to delete it. He selects the signature, and deletes it from the floating popup. As soon as it deletes, I would like to get the underlying field (or associated field) of the signature which was deleted. How do i get this ?

b. When a user adds the signature, I send it to the backend which flattens the signature annotation, sets the field as readonly, attaches a digital signature, saves the PDF. Now, when this PDF is opened in the webviewer again, the flattened annotations are still present with a red border around it. Do i need to delete the annotations before saving the PDF on backend ? If no, how do i get rid of the red border ?

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Hello idrees,

A) You can do this when deleting a signature you can use the SignatureWidgetAnnotation’s getField function
B) Does the annotation originally have a red border before you flatten? If so you can modify the border’s colour before sending it to the server, and set it back when you’re done.

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