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Unable to track pdf loading progress via events

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I have a react application implementing the pdftron webviewer to compare and display 2 pdfs side by side. I have been trying to monitor the instance application by logging the outputs in hopes of being able to display a loading state component that reflects the documentLoaded or viewerLoaded events, however, not only do i not see my log outputs in the instance, i am unable to process any events happening.

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I am not able to provide a link, however, here is the webviewer instance:

const PdfComparisonViewer = ({ originalUrl, comparisonUrl, setIsLoading }) => {
  const viewer = useRef(null)

  const urlOne = originalUrl || PLACEHOLDER_URL
  const urlTwo = comparisonUrl || PLACEHOLDER_URL
  useEffect(() => {
        fullAPI: true,
        path: '/webviewer/lib',
        initialDoc: urlOne,
    ).then((instance) => {
      const { documentViewer, annotationManager, PDFNet } = instance.Core
      console.log('test 2')
      documentViewer.addEventListener('viewerLoaded', () => {
        console.log('viewer loaded')
  }, [urlOne, urlTwo])

  return (
    <div style={{ height: '100%', width: '75%' }}>
      <div style={{ height: '100%' }} className="webviewer" ref={viewer} />

I do see the PDF loading, however, I would also expect to see the logs for “viewer loaded”, however, i do not see those in my terminal/chrome devtools.

The goal is to be able to monitor the loading state via the event listeners to change our frontend state.

Hello andrew.javidfar,

The viewerLoaded is not available on documentViewer, it is on the UI:


instance.UI.addEventListener('viewerLoaded', () => {
        console.log('viewer loaded')

Best regards,