Get page bitmap from offscreen canvas?


I’m testing your PDFTron Android Library for displaying Pdf files. One of the features which is required for our app is to make snippets inside a page. It should be possible to snip portions out of the current Pdf page. I try that with the PDFDraw class. Is it possible to get a really good qualitiy image out of a snipped portion on a pdf page regardless whether the user has zoomed out so that the text is very small and the user isnt able to read it? Maybe some offscreen canvas pdf page rendering which I could use? And also if there is very small text on a page, it should be possible the snip that text with a good quality so the user will be able to read it?


Yes, this is definitely possible.

Please code sample #4 in PDFDraw:

For more power & low-level control (at expense of ease of use) use pdftron.PDF.PDFRasterizer as shown in the same sample project (i.e. PDFDraw code snippet # 8)


thank you very much.