Get text tags in PDF Webviewer

WebViewer Version: 7.3.3

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How I get text tags from PDF Webviewer

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So, the pdf provided to me has some tags on text paragraphs, and I wanted to detect those paragraphs within tags, is there a way to achieve that?
For example I have in a pdf two paragraphs
1 - Hello word
2 - Good morning

The two paragraphs has a text tag behind the scenes, and I want to know the position of each paragraph to add an annotation on them in the webViewer.

I hope I was clear enough, you can ask more questions if needed, thank you in advance :wink:

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Hello Soualhi
Thanks for contacting us for support. To better assist you:

  • Can you give me a more specific description of the tag? It’s better you can give me a pdf with some tags.

Best Regards

Hello, what I’m looking for, is the bounding box of text areas in the PDF, I looked in the documentation but couldn’t find how it works, so, if you can help please, with some code written in Javascript, thank you!

Hi Soualhi
Just want to double-check your issue. Do you still want to find a text area location by using tag? Or you want to get a text area by any other way? I have a reference you can look at It is better that you can give me the specific document with tags so that I can deep dive into your request.

Best Regars