getting label's real name on a pdf form instead of label's codification in metadata

I'm working on a project where i need to get the real name of a field's label, instead of name contained on the metadata, i have just found these two methods on the API, which return the codification of the label

for(FieldIterator itr = doc.getFieldIterator(); itr.hasNext():wink: {
            Field current=(Field)(;
            System.out.println("Field name: " + current.getName());
            System.out.println("Field partial name: " + current.getPartialName());

i'm wondering to know if there could be any way to get the real name of the field as it's represented on the pdf form ?

Fields are identified by the full or partial name that can be retried by the functions that you have discovered. The description or name of the field (the information that might be surrounding the field), is, unfortunately, not mapped nor is a part of the field itself.

To get a better understanding of your requirements, what is your use case? Perhaps there is a better way to resolve the problem you are trying to solve. Do you have a sample document that you can forward to us?