Getting Started - How do I activate my PDF3D Product?

PDF3D products such as PDF3D ReportGen, PDF3D.IO development SDK, PDF3D PV+ and PDF3D SDK PRO can be used to convert over 90 file formats to 3D PDF.

On our website, trials are available for PDF3D ReportGen and PDF3D PV+. For interest in our developer tools, please request PDF3D.IO development SDK and PDF3D SDK.

How to Get License Keys

End user software applications in the PDF3D suite require license keys. These are not included during software installation.

After installing a trial version, please launch the supplied license utility to request activation. Once successful, the bottom left of the window will show ‘Verified Trial’. You should now be able to close the utility and launch your software.

For purchases and extended keys (given on request), you will be sent by email a 28 character product key to insert into the license utility.