Getting Started with PV+ - Exporting a Simple Sphere

PDF3D PV+ enables users to compress big data and export into portable file formats such as 3D PDF and GLB.

This example shows how to create and export a simple sphere, with 2 million faces, in PDF3D PV+.

  1. Load PV+ (reset and apply pdf3d settings to default)

  2. Create a sphere: Sources → Geometric Shapes → Sphere

  3. Set Theta and Phi resolution to 1000, 1000 (latitude and longitude lines are each divided into 1k * 1k quad cells, each represented by 2 triangles). Hit apply.

  1. Check the information panel. There should be around 2 million polygons-cells.

  1. Export as a 3D PDF by clicking PDF3D button

  1. Check physical properties in Adobe Reader. You should be able to verify 2 million faces in your 3D PDF.