Header displayed twice in firefox browser when loading any documents

PDFTron Web Viewer
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Document header showing twice when loading new documents in firefox browser

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open documents in firefox and header will display twice ,then disappears


After taking a look at this issue I have a few questions.

  1. Are you using WebViewer’s built in multiviewer mode or using a custom solution? Guide: (PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation)

  2. If using a custom solution, would it be possible to get a code snippet on how you are interacting with WebViewer?


Hi @WillW ,

1.Actually we tried to open only one document. while loading, its going to “sidebyside” mode and header showing twice for fraction of seconds ,then it shows actual single document.

2.We are using ‘isSideBySideEnabled’ custom boolean property to emit ‘sidebysideaction’. Even though we are not entering ‘sidebyside’ mode it exhibiting this behavior.Below is code snippet we used to emit “sidebyside” action.

Meanwhile we are also looking from our side for the fix. If any thoughts or fix from your side also will be helpful.